Proper Care of Your Beacon Bat

Thank you for choosing Beacon Bats for your handmade, custom baseball/softball bat. We hand select each billet for proper weight, grain direction and sweet spot barrel position. All bats are hand crafted to order and each bat goes through several quality control checks during the process to ensure that you receive the highest quality product the market has to offer.

To make sure you have the best possible result with your bat, please try to follow these tips:

  • When batting, make sure the logo is facing up, or facing down. Beacon Bats engraves your bat with the best possible sweet spot on the opposite side of the logo. By swinging your bat in this manner you will be hitting the ball on the strongest part of the grain.
  • Keep your bat barrel as clean and smooth as possible by wiping off any dirt or other contaminants that may keep you from making optimal contact with the ball.
  • Keep your bat away from damp or wet environments, if your bat gets wet, wipe it dry as soon as possible and always stand your bats with the barrel facing down and the handle facing upwards.
  • Store your bat in a cool dry place which helps to keep the proper moisture in the wood. Extreme high temperatures will dry out the wood and make it more brittle.
  • Respect your bat and other equipment you own by never throwing or slamming your bat on the ground. Small interior fractures may occur and lead to premature bat failure.

Unfortunately, wood bats do not come with a manufacturer warranty. By following the above suggestions, you will enhance your chances of success with your new Beacon Bat.

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